Why Choose BiolyMask?

When we first began manufacturing quality masks, our primary goal was to slow the spread of the pandemic. We were confident in our proven French know-how and ingenuity!

We teamed with the most renowned creative designers in France to craft the most elegant and efficient face masks on the market.

The end-to-end design, development and testing has all been done in France, under strict safety and comfort best practices. We proudly work with local companies that combine traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology to produce top-of-the-line face masks at affordable prices.

We believe we have created a product that respects all the needs for safety and comfort. Whether in the choice of materials, assembly processes, or production, we have carefully examined and maximized the potential at every stage.                                     

We are committed to offering optimum safety in sustainable products. All our raw materials have OEKO-TEX certification, ensuring the absence of harmful substances.

We are proud to utilize the highest standards to produce face masks you can have complete confidence in. We believe in working together to keep everyone as safe as possible.