How Efficient Is My BiolyMask?

We designed our face masks to comply with the most up to date CDC (Center For Disease Control) recommendations. The research and ongoing updates released by the CDC continue to guide every mask we create.

BiolyMask comes with a flexible nose clip that can be adjusted to any nose size and shape. This enables our masks to fit any face. If you wear glasses you are likely familiar with the lens-fog that occurs when wearing most other face coverings. Our masks are expertly designed to flow hot air downwards away from the eyes to solve this very annoying issue.

BiolyMask is made up of 4 protective layers, including 2 inner layers of non-woven microfibers that add extremely high filter power. Our masks are precisely designed to meet or exceed all current regulations related to protective face masks.

Our masks offer very high filtering efficiency, blocking 99.9 % of microbial particles (less than 3 µm) from entering or exiting the mask. The breathability of each mask has been measured, and certified, at 160L.m⁻².s⁻¹ which means it can be comfortably worn all day long.

All our masks are inspected and individually packaged in professionally sterilized individual packaging. We take our hygiene responsibilities seriously. A consistent level of the highest sanitary specifications are ensured throughout the process. From production to your door, safety is our priority.